Fostex - MA-1 bomber Jack/jas - GM Grey

Fostex - MA-1 bomber Jack/jas - GM Grey



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: DT9160

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Padded flight jacket with metal zipper made of 100% nylon.
This is a reproduction of the authentic MA-1 flight jacket which was developed in the 1950s by the US Airforce.

Warm quilted jacket which is made of strong nylon material. Equipped with a low collar and 2 large side pockets on the front. 
The MA-1 Bomber is a great jacket that can be used perfectly for various activities. The black version of the jacket is often used for Security.

The inner lining of the jacket is orange. This striking color has a reason, it's originally designed for pilots who need help. So auxiliary troops could easily find find the pilot in need.

In addition to the functional design, MA-1 bomber jackets are very popular within the street scene and the fashion world.